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The birthdays can be taken as example. Because many people like to select their birthdays that leads to more of the little numbers being chosen (for example 1 to 31).

And let’s take common Magnum 4D live result numbers – those that feature prominently in shows and (morbidly) car accidents. For instance, two episodes of the Teleision Show Lost had one of the characters choosing the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 as well as 42 in a lottery. This led to thousands of people in the Malaysia selecting the same numbers over the season. On 4 Jan 2016, the numbers 4, 8, 15 and 42 came up in the Malaysia lottery, which gave the winners $150 each – a pathetic payoff considering the absolutely low odds of winning.

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As you select the same numbers as everyone else, you will have to split the pot with everyone else. Not a great strategy.

Why the reputation is not good for the Magnum 4D live result

The math behind the lottery is this: Expected value is expected payoff multiply benefits of winning

The benefits of winning the first prize in Magnum 4D live result and toto4d live are 1 in 13,983,816. Noone can influence this (as much as fortune tellers and lottery software tell you), so the best we can do is raise our forecasted payoff.

To do this, you want to make sure that you select numbers that are LESS common among bettors. Lottery research displays that:

People like smaller numbers – especially because they coincide with significant dates

People like the number “7” – this was selected almost 50 percent more than average

Well, what if you simply ignored the above numbers and chosen the rest? Not so easy. For instance:

People who selected smaller digits like a birthday, will still have 3-4 numbers left. So they might try to balance by choosing a greater number for the remaining numbers

Most people think that “13” is unlucky, yet it paradoxically gets selected a lot too – looks like a lot of people are trying out some reverse psychology on Fortune.

The lesson here is this: Everyone thinks that they are being a contrarian, but in reality they are all just choosing the same numbers (Hey: Does not that remind you of stock-picking?)

So in spite of trying to outguess which numbers are “better” than others, what is the next best alternative?

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Embrace Randomness


There is a choice in Lottery known as “Quick Pick” – where the Lottery system will simply generate 6 random numbers for you to gamble on.

Many people do not like Quick Pick. It is unappealing – since we all want to select the numbers ourselves. WE are the Masters of our Fate! WE decide which digits will make us millions!

Quick Pick takes the master away from us, yet, counterintuitively, it brings us a better expected payoff because it is more likely to generate UNPOPULAR numbers. While William Poundstone wrote in the book Rock Breaks Scissors (aff) for keputusan toto.