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The Confederate Flag – Its History and Use

With the national debate on confederate flags still continuing, some online stores actually still continue in offering a full line of flags that still remains to be a part of history for Americans. The rebel flag, confederate flag, bars and stars as well as other civil war flags actually means various things towards different people. This is the reason why there are still online shops that continue to sell confederate flags.

Confederate battle flags or known in other terms as the Confederate Navy Jack is the kind of flag that’s mostly recognized until today. Its design in fact had been used by the Confederate Navy and it later on became the overall symbol of Confederacy during the time of the Civil War. The flag is being referred to as the Confederate flag today. It is also one of the popular confederate flags which are being sold online.

The origin of the pattern of the Confederate flag and about its historical meaning is one that’s complex and there’s a subsequent change of it after the war and the symbol also had been contended in the past decades.

The flags of which were used by the South back in the Civil War are still so popular until today. You could find various online stores nowadays that are selling all types of Confederate flags. The Confederacy flags also stirred people’s emotion. Some people actually view these kinds of flags as a part of the history of the country. Some groups actually view the flag as a symbol of pride and a symbol of southern heritage and some people also see it as a symbol of hatred and racism.

People who actually fly or perhaps wear the Confederate flag are usually not aware about its use as a tool for prejudice and for antagonization at the time of the Civil Rights Movement. If there’re so many people who are made aware of its history, they actually are less inclined to display the said flag. When people end up disagreeing with each other, we don’t end up understanding each other and we will mostly end up separated.

There is in fact the question of which still remains whether the flag still stands distinctly as a remembrance of the Southern based heritage or if this is linked to the enslavement of the ideology of racism.

It’s very important to consider understanding first about the symbols of the flag and we need to also be sensitive about our every action and word and become diligent on other people’s viewpoints. It is very important to respond to other people in a positive way about the opinions of others. We need to have the willingness as well in learning and teaching other people.

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