The 10 Most Important City Challenge

city challenge are increasing

In reviewing mayors’ State of the town speeches for our National League of Cities’ annual report. Although we discover proactive policy prescriptions to alleviate these city challenges. Also elevate opportunities at the native level that our nation’s leaders will learn from. State of the Cities examines what’s happening right away on the bottom in city challenge therefore.

Certainly these prime ten problems are important for the batty and bolts operations of cities. Similarly community and economic development, and everyone around livability.
We examined one hundred State of the town addresses in cities giant and certainly small. So, these are the highest problems that relate cities:

Health Care

Likewise policies addressing drug abuse, burning by a rise in opioid addiction, drawn abundant of the coverage of health connected topics during this year’s State of the town speeches. While every day, seventy-eight Americans die from Associate in Nursing opioid. Mayors are on the line of this crisis—it affects their residents, also even their family, on a day after day.

Technology and knowledge of City Challenge

City challenge are victimization knowledge and technology to form themselves smarter, simpler, and enhance service delivery. during this year’s speeches, a variety of cities committed to changing into good cities, with lecture rooms, neighborhoods and businesses investment technology to become higher connected and a lot of productive.


Mayors still be centered on the impact of global climate change and City Challenge developing innovative policies for bigger environmental and also energy property. Last year was a monumental one for politician climate leaders each reception and abroad. Last year, 510world mayors traveled to the COP-21 conference in Paris to be a vicinity of the historic agreement and advocate for sound environmental policy for cities throughout the globe.


Housing problems are even more important for mayors. During this year’s survey, blight was a wide mentioned prime among mayors—with cheap housing. And status continued to be top problems for cities also City Challenge. Several mayors across the country proclaimed plans to alleviate the housing burden that exists for several. Particularly for seniors and veterans.


While the oral communication concerning difference and chance gets louder across the country. So, a growing body of analysis acknowledges the ability of education and youth centered programs to foster upward quality. several mayors proclaimed policies aimed toward closing the academic accomplishment gap between teams. Which is outlined by socioeconomic standing, race, ethnicity, and gender.


Mayors noted the relative strength of their cities’ finances. several cities are  certainly returning to pre-recession levels of commercial enterprise health, and diverse mayors are committed to raising the extent of service their cities’ offer while not raising taxes. Commercial enterprise discipline continues also to be a primary goal for leaders as they chart the trail forward.

Public Safety of City Challenge

Furthermore public safety is another prime priority of town leaders. While Mayors see the alleviation of crime. So, they keep community members safe mutually of the foremost important elements of their jobs. several mayors according Associate in Nursing dealings in crime among their cities and this trend, noticeable across the country, was notably terrible for kill. However, despite the fact that the short kill trend is pointing within the wrong direction, crime remains at the bottom purpose in decades.

Economic Development

Economic development is another time the foremost mentioned topic in mayors’ addresses. Although Mayors touted the various gains in business and job growth in their City Challenge. a lot of and a lot of cities are creating it easier for entrepreneurs to begin or grow a business. And, still a growing variety of cities are operating to unleash the inventive potential of small-scale producing and also the maker movement—an ever growing cluster starting from hobbyists and tinkerers to freelance inventors and designers.

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