Please save Earth

For Deforestation

We refer planting more forests above, and sadly at a time as we need more forests, trees are being uprooted at an alarming proportion. Deforestation is a rapidly-increasing issue in areas like Africa, Central and South America. Not only does this mean less plants, less cleansing oxygen, and the displacement of the wildlife, deforestation means a bad decline in a natural fighter of global warming – the no.1 threat to our Earth right now. Removing trees leads to much drier climates, as trees extract groundwater to release into the air as well.

Our tropical rainforests, which are important to stabilizing the climate and to human survival, are being chopped down at a breakneck pace – one and a half acres of rainforest are lost one second. People have already chopped down proximately 50% of the rainforests that once existed on the planet and at the recent rate of destruction, we will considerablly destroy the rainsforests in the following 40 years. As rainforests are so crucial, why are they being destroyed so carelessly? Short-sighted states and multi-national logging firms only see the forests as a method to make cash by selling timber – they do not consider the long-term impact.


Fortunately, deforestation is a problem that we as individuals can combat. By spending recycled paper, we can decline the need to cut down as lots of trees and by purchasing goods made with FSC-certified wood, we can display retailers that we do not want them to assist brands that obtain lumber irresponsibly. Last but not least, why not plant a plan or even a hundred trees like this man achieved.

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For Pollution

Pollution comes in many versions and no matter where you live, you have probably seen some form of it. From litter on NYC city streets to the smog that lingers over LA to the plastic rubbish that floats in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the visible signals of pollution are more than evident. The certain reason for why pollution has gotten so out of master is that our inspire for more “stuff”  has led to our old stuff being thrown away at an alarming and unnecessary proportion.


For more details on this, watch Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff. This need for manufactured items cause the air and water pollution emitted from factories as well, which in many nations are largely unregulated. Looking at the bigger picture, stage oversight and sloppy industrial practices on the part of big firms has also exacerbated our pollution issue.

The first thing we can all do to decline the deal of pollution in our streets, air and water is to make a mental alteration. Before purchasing a new product, ask yourself if you actually need it or if you probably be capable of buying it secondhand. It could make a great difference in the deal of trash we see in our landfills. Secondly, as you do not already recycle, get into the habit. As everyone adopted these simple principles, the world would be in a much better position.